Because buses are so large, carry so many people and can lack seat belts, the injuries that are suffered in a bus accident are often far worse than those experienced by people who have been in car accidents. In bus accidents, passengers are frequently thrown around, may be struck by flying objects, or even sent flying out of windows.

In many bus accidents, the force of the impact is only the start of the injuries that are suffered. Secondary injuries may take place when passengers are thrown into one another, fall or get injured while they try to escape, or even suffer burns and other wounds as a result of explosions that may occur after the bus has come to a stop. Get more information about bus accidents at for an experienced greyhound bus accident lawyer.

Physical Injuries

The physical injuries that are most frequently seen in victims of bus accidents include broken and fractured bones, spinal injuries including total paralysis, torn ligaments and tendons, strained muscles, serious cuts and bruises, internal injuries, burns and head injuries including concussion or as serious as traumatic brain injury.

In many cases of bus accidents, the people who are injured as a result of a crash are forced to live with the effects of their injuries for the rest of their lives. Though some may be able to recover following surgery or immediate care, others are left scarred, paralyzed, or disabled, and many end up requiring long term care to meet their most basic needs.

Emotional Injuries

In addition to the physical impact and scars left by being injured in a bus accident, victims are also left with emotional scars that, though not visible to the eye, have a profound effect on them for the rest of their lives. Some experience flashbacks of the crash and are unable to get onto a bus or any kind of large vehicle again, and find themselves unable to sleep or escape their anxiety.

Many of those who have experienced having being in a bus accident report that the horror of having been trapped, or of having observed their fellow passengers in a state of helplessness or pain, have afflicted them in such a way that they suffer from depression or other mood disorders. Others suffer from frequent panic attacks.

Compensation for Pain and Suffering

For those who have survived being injured in a bus accident, whether emotionally, physically or both, compensation for medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering, may be available.